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Issuance of Certificates

HOMEAcademics Issuance of Certificates

Issuance of ID for international student

- Place for issuance : Ajou Service Center (new student union #116/ Extension number : 1541~1544)


For new students
  • After submitting consenting form of using private information you will get your student ID card from department office that you belong to.(When visiting to apply for issuance of student ID card, bring 1 set of photo and student's ID number)
In the event of re-issuance
  • Application and re-issuance : Ajou Service Center ASC (New Student Union Building 116 / Extension number 1541~1544)
  • Required documents : Application for re-issuance of ID for international student, 1 set of photos, fee of 14,000 won

Issuance of certificate

Types of certificate (English and Korean languages)
  • Academic record
  • Studentship certificate
  • Enrollment certificate
  • Completion (scheduled) certificate
  • Certificate for temporary absence from school
  • Degree presentation (scheduled) certificate
  • Certificate proving payment of educational costs
Period of issuance
  • The certificate of scheduled completion is issued after the passing of 1/4 of class days for each semester.
  • The certificate of scheduled degree conferment is issued after the submission of thesis for degree.
  • The certificate of completion and the certificate of degree conferment are issued on the basis of the degree conferment date of each semester.
Application method

Application is available at from a touch screen on campus or at the Graduate School homepage

Internet application for certificate

Graduate School homepage → Student info → certificate issue → Instant issuance of Internet certificate

Stamp sales and certificate issuance

Ajou Service Center (New Student Union Building 116 / Extension number. 1541~1544)


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