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Administration Process

HOME4th BK21 Operation and Management of Project FundAdministration Process
In 1997, Ajou University developed AIMS (total information system), an administrative computer system in school; it has computerized all administrative affairs. Research funds have been systematically managed through the network. By establishing a system for R&D card and project management implemented by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2001, the university has actively participated in the system to ensure transparency in managing research funds at the government level.
In May 2004, under the “Promotion of Industrial Education and Industry-Academic Cooperation Act,” the industry-academic cooperation foundation was newly established as an institute directly responsible to the University President, which has been operated independently from the existing administrative system. In detail, a system has been established to collectively process administrative supports necessary for research, such as research guidance for external research projects, research fund management, and research performance management, while including commissioned projects from national and public institutions and research projects from private corporations. Under the direct responsibility of the President, the university has managed research funds rationally and strictly while establishing a researcher-centered system through a systematic research fund central management system.

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